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149: COROS CEO Lewis Wu about the DURA Bike Computer, COROS DNA, Easy of Use, Training-Hub

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Ease of Use, battery life & great software: this is the DNA of COROS watches. Now all this comes to the new COROS DURA bike computer.

I had the chance to talk to COROS CEO and Co-Founder Lewis Wu. He gives us a very cool insight view about the thinking and DNA at COROS.

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Table of contents:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:04:18 - A or B Questions :-)

00:13:47 - COROS: How it all began!

00:22:53 - Ease of Use of a Watch or Bicycle Computer is very important

00:30:19 - Firmware for old Devices, Training Hub: Software a huge value for customers?

00:43:46 - COROS DURA Bike Computer: Idea, what is different, Key Features

00:52:06 - Ingos first Hands-On with the DURA

01:13:38 - How do excpect the market reaction in DURA?


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